Hosting sample
An example of me hosting Afternoon Drive, CBC Radio's regional p.m. show for southwestern Ontario. On this day, I was alone in the Windsor control room while the show was being teched from London's control room.

A majority of Windsor police officers don't live in Windsor. Is this a problem?
Digital story + tape talk for CBC Radio's Windsor Morning + report for CBC Windsor television
My analysis of data received through a Freedom of Information request  showed a majority of Windsor police officers do not live in the two municipalities they serve.

Sex abuse survivor Bob McCabe shares his story
CBC Radio's Afternoon Drive (guest host)
Men are joining the chorus of victims of sexual abuse, calling for more supports to help them overcome their trauma.

Ontario parents seeking autism treatment for children in the US
CBC Radio's Afternoon Drive (guest host)
Instead of waiting years for autism services in Ontario, some families are opting to pay out of pocket for treatment in the U.S. 

Meet the people riding LTW 42, the new Leamington to Windsor bus
Digital story + tape talk for CBC Radio's Afternoon Drive
Who are the people riding this new regional transit service? I spent a morning on the LTW 42 to find out.

A brewery in Windsor claims parking is hindering its business
CBC Radio's Afternoon Drive (guest host)
It's not that Chapter Two Brewing Company doesn't have enough parking - it's that they are required to have too much.

Bkejwanong Children's Centre turns 50 
CBC Radio's Afternoon Drive (guest host)
A groundbreaking Indigenous-run child care centre on Walpole Island, the first of its kind in Canada, celebrated a major anniversary. 

Online election guides
I designed and organized CBC Windsor's online election guides for the 2018 municipal election and the 2019 federal election. I also hosted and moderated multiple all-candidates debates during these campaigns.

Meet the Windsor mom who has helped install more than 800 car seats
Digital story + field interview for CBC Radio's Afternoon Drive
I met up with Elyse Cote, a woman in Windsor who has helped more than 800 people safely install their kid's car seat.

Devonshire Mall food court surprising home to local Venezuelan restaurant
Tape talk for CBC Radio's Afternoon Drive, report for CBC Television + companion digital piece
A mall food court has become an accidental community hub for Windsor's Venezuelan community. 

Aamjiwnaang receives land back from Shell
CBC Radio's Afternoon Drive
People from Aamjiwnaang First Nation discovered that their community was growing by 28 hectares. Shell Canada announced that it was transferring that amount of land back to the community.

Port Elgin family faces skyrocketing eye drop costs
CBC Radio's Afternoon Drive (guest host)
A mother in Port Elgin says the eye drops that keep her daughter from going blind are jumping in price to $100,000 a year.

As cities struggle to keep recycling programs afloat, Windsor-Essex is 'one step ahead'
Digital story + tape talk on CBC Radio's Afternoon Drive
When China shut its borders to much of the world's recyclables in 2018, the people who run recycling programs in many cities began to worry - but not in Windsor-Essex.

Not only is the Bradford pear the stinkiest tree of spring — it's an invasive species

Digital story + tape talk on CBC Radio's Afternoon Drive
The Bradford pear is the ultimate Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story.

Balancing ethics with speed during vaccine development
CBC Radio's Afternoon Drive (guest host)
The race is on to develop a coronavirus vaccine — and with anything done quickly, ethical considerations can be overlooked. A research team led by Western University wants to ensure those checks and balances are in place.

Unifor meets with FCA
CBC Radio's Afternoon Drive (guest host)
As soon as FCA announced it was cutting Windsor assembly plant's third shift, the union wanted to meet with officials. A little more than two weeks later they got their meeting, and I asked national president Jerry Dias how it went.